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Inspection and acceptance in terms of Nigeria Solar Traffic Lights Assistance Project have been comp



On August 6, 2015, Poly Solar Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. formally applied to Nigerian owner party for inspection and acceptance in terms of Nigeria Solar Traffic Lights Assistance Project.


This project is the Chinese external assistance technical cooperation project which was handed over by the Ministry of Commerce to the Poly Solar for implementation in September 2013. To be specific, 266 solar traffic lights should be installed at 74 vital road intersections in the downtown of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and the foundation construction of lighting system should be implemented at the intersections.

During the implementation of this project, the Poly Solar overcame various difficulties, such as, customs clearance obstacles, changes from Nigerian Party and frequency occupancy, and actively coordinated with the Nigerian Party to solve the various kinds of problems occurred.

The employees dispatched by the Poly Solar to the sites are not afraid of hardship and tiredness, serious and responsible. They finally completed all installation work after 2 years, and passed the final acceptance of the owner party.