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Recruitment position: electrical engineer
Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the system design and related technical work of photovoltaic off-grid projects and products, including solar street lights, household systems, photovoltaic water pumps, off-grid power stations and smart grids;
2. Organize and coordinate external cooperation units to complete product development, design, prototype production and production organization;
3. Complete the electrical schematics and complete electrical construction drawings of the project independently;
4. Independently complete the project bidding, select equipment, prepare technical requirements, and review the manufacturer's technical information;
5. Independently complete project planning and organization and implementation, on-site guidance and management during project implementation;
6. Regularly submit work plans and reports;
7. Other tasks assigned by the leader.
Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in new energy, electromechanical or information automation, excellent fresh graduates can also be considered;
2. 2 years or above working experience in related positions, limited consideration for on-site project management and execution experience;
3. Familiar with all kinds of solar off-grid and grid-connected projects and product working principles, design methods, component performance characteristics, etc.; able to independently complete the control system design and understand the structural design.
Recruitment position: Overseas Sales Director
Job Responsibilities
1. According to the company's strategic development plan, study market characteristics, market segmentation, channel research and competition analysis, formulate practical marketing strategies to ensure the completion of the company's strategic objectives and business indicators;
2. Have independent overseas market development capabilities, can organize project inspections on development markets, prepare inspection reports, and propose development strategies;
3. Have an organized team to coordinate internal and external relations and promote the organizational and management capabilities of the implementation of various plans.
1. Work experience in the solar energy industry and foreign language ability to negotiate with foreign businessmen and e-mail;
2. Possess the enthusiasm of work, hardworking spirit and academic ability;
3. Have more than 5 years working experience in the same position.


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