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The agricultural sector



  1.  Solar water pump

Photovoltaic water pump is a solar-powered water supply system and a green agriculture solution, combining drip irrigation system and biological aqua orb-fertilizer; it can provide water for farmland on the plains including the mountain areas and the forest.

1Drip irrigation equipment

Drip irrigation drops water from the dripper (distance 20 – 1250px) of drip irrigation tube to the soil evenly, water saving irrigation techniques of crops irrigated, irrigation diameter of each dripper is 0.4~20px. In order to prevent a blockage of the drip irrigation tube, drip irrigation must use filter.

The advantage of drip irrigation:

  •  No evaporation or leakages, relative watering and irrigating can save up to about 60% of water, and the same amount of water can irrigate 2.5times the area of irrigated land;

  • Water flows evenly, applicable for hillside, prevent soil erosion;

  • Just watering the seedlings, not watering the grass, prevent weeds growth, and can increase the yield to more than 15%;

    Green Agriculture solutions combining solar pump with micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and biological aqua orb-fertilizer can lift river water and underground water to irrigate farmland in order to increase agricultural production and change barren desert into fertile oasis.


2The biological fertilizer

Is to use low temperature polymerization technology, biological engineering technology, choose the independent separation filter a variety of beneficial bacteria, through Made of submerged fermentation and dry granulation is rich in water and organic matter a pollution-free and efficient biological agents.

   The advantage of biological fertilizer:

(1) Water and drought, durable, province work fertilizer

(2) Soluble phosphorus releasing, repair, remove soil harden

(3) To solve the deficiency and high continuous cropping, cold resistance

(4) To promote growth, increase production and improve quality.

Drip irrigation and fertilization, according to the different plants, crop water control and scientific fertilization. Using the system can be fertile land barren desert into a oasis, at the same time greatly improve agricultural productivity.

2)  Photovoltaic greenhouses

Agricultural greenhouses photovoltaic solar photovoltaic power generation, intelligent temperature control system, modern high-tech plant for the integration of greenhouses, greenhouse adopts steel skeleton, covered in solar photovoltaic components, while maintaining the delighting of the solar photovoltaic power generation and the whole greenhouse crop needs.

Solar photovoltaic power generation, irrigation system can support greenhouses, fill light on plant and meet the needs of greenhouses in winter heating, improve the greenhouse temperature and to promote crop growth. The rest of the electricity can be incorporated into the national grid photovoltaic power generation system to sell or the storage battery for use in the night.