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The construction sector



  1.  Integration architecture

    Solar energy integration building is to integrate architecture and photovoltaic power efficient and the perfect combination of practical green high-tech buildings. Integrated Architecture is to complete the design, manufacture, cabling, manufacturing and other processes in the plant, and then the material is transported to the site after construction, for fast installation buildings.        

    b.It Has The Following Characteristics:        

     The structure is safe and durable.        

  • Good performance on sound insulation, wind resistance, anti-seismic, anti-cracking

  • Green environmental friendly, termite resistance, no pollution, no waste.

  • The scene very little water electricity, do not need large equipment.

  • Building adornment sex is strong, can adapt to a variety of decoration, suitable for high, medium and low grade residential buildings.

  • Electrical line can be embedded, late can easily. All landowners speed is quick, convenient installation, simple ordinary workers training to adapt to the installation.

  • At least five people can use 3 days to complete the installation of about 80 square meters or, can use a week to complete all contents requirement. The mass modular design, a standard factory production, standard components and prefabricated construction, standardized construction process, construction speed and quality of installation are all guaranteed.

    It is suitable for large quantity, rapid construction of intermediate social housing projects and post-disaster housing projects.        

   c.  Solar photovoltaic new energy

   For the sake of using green photovoltaic new energy on the house, realizing the integration between building and PV, buckle joint with solar photovoltaic roof panel serial products can achieve the combination between building roof and solar photovoltaic panels conveniently and securely. Moreover, it effectively avoids the potential risk about the roof seepage caused by the installation of PV products on the roof. Thus, houses can be built in various environmental areas.