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oil field



In oil fields with solar power, frequency conversion and automation intelligent control technology, for no electricity or unstable power supply of the oil field to provide clean solar power, provide energy saving, efficiency of intelligent control scheme.

  1.  Well conditions apply

    Provide solar power, frequency and automated intelligent control technology to provide clean solar power supply for oil fields without electricity or stable electricity and providing energy-saving, high-efficiency intelligent control system solutions for oil and gas extraction and production.


  1. Can achieve the effect

  • Achieve pumping photovoltaic power supply, saving power cabling construction costs and electricity.

  • Achieve production of intelligent control: Wireless data collection and transmission, condition diagnosis, automatic parameter adjustment, electronic patrol wells.

  • Improve the power factor (above 0.9), reduce the energy consumption of the motor, saving more than 20%.

  • Protect oil equipment, extend the service life, extended workover pump inspection period (15 months).

  • Improve production efficiency and saving human resources.

Input-output ratio, cost recovery fast (1 and half year to 2 years)

              The intelligent pumping unit control cabinet                                                                     Solar array figure