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Wind and solar system solutions


For small Island countries and regions, wind and solar is the best form of energy. Wind power generation is done by wind turbines and solar photovoltaic power generation module incorporated components and common energy storage battery into the electricity power supply systems.

The system can be connected with the power grid system. Poly Solar can build an independent off-grid system which is not connected to the grid.

Compared with individual wind power or solar power systems, hybrid systems have complementary resources, complementary advantages of technology and economic complementary. According to the local scenery natural resources, environmental conditions and the demand for electricity, providing cost-effective and reliable solar hybrid system is paramount.


1.Solve the problem of road and landscape lighting


At present, the street lighting and landscape lighting sub-urban roads and highways using wind and solar power generation in the form of construction costs have been lower than the use of the power grid in the form of construction costs. In the street reconstruction, it can transform the original poles as wind and solar systems, as well as two or more adjacent street power, greatly reducing the cost of materials and construction costs of street reconstruction. The system is also applicable to public scenic landscape lighting, it can establish the required size of the wind and solar power plant in the scenic area suitable for scenic unified power, to achieve both beautify and practical effect


  • Low installation cost£ºIndependent power supply, no grid line extension and transformers needed

    According to the local natural resources, environmental conditions and demand provides the high performance-to-price ratio and the reliability of the scenery complementary system, main applications a

  • 2.Solve the problem of highway power supply

    Hybrid system to replace traditional highway wired street lights and the construction of power supply system. This can greatly reduce the construction and maintenance cost of current use street lights on the highways, the highway monitoring system, information distribution system and outdoor billboards light boxes.