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The Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant



    • Large-Scale Grid Photovoltaic Power Plant

      As a main power source of a Country, large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power plant is mainly built in the solar energy resource rich desert and Gobi. One square kilometer of land can install 100 MWP solar arrays and uses high-voltage grid access to the national grid.




  • Public With Independent Photovoltaic Power Plants

This photovoltaic power plant output is very high. Usually, it is installed on a communications relay station, TV satellite receiving station, oil pipelines, cathodic protection, meteorological stations, and highway class roads, border posts to provide power. Also, for schools, hospitals, shopping malls and office space the install is done according to the actual power consumption required or by community power supply system. As most of these buildings are located in the city, the solar cell arrays are often set up on the rooftop.




  • Distributed photovoltaic power station

Power supply is given priority to with distributed grid system; public facilities that are near to the construction site are also given priority to in the distribution mode. Construction done on user operation mode so that excess power on the Internet can be balance adjusted from photovoltaic power generation facilities in the distribution system. It can be given on the spot, to offset part of the online power saving user charge.


Construction in the following places:

  • Industrial buildings: in particular, with a larger plant, can reduce electricity consumption.

  • Commercial buildings: User load characteristics of offices, hotels, conference centers, and resorts and so on, the general consumption of the day is higher and lower at night. This is suitable for grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system

  • Agricultural facilities: Rural roofs, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, are often connected in rural public grid system. Poor power quality in rural areas can be improved with the construction of distributed power plants to ensure distribution quality

  • City and county public buildings: comfortable and distributed photovoltaic concentrated construction.