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Home hot water supply



Solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat energy that heat water from low temperatures to high temperatures in order to meet people’s daily hot water needs.

 The New Heat Pipe Flat Plate Solar Collector


Suitable for families, schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories and other places. For special users, according to the actual demand, custom hot plate sizes in order to combine with the wall and meet the needs of different users.




Split pressure bearing solar heater

Installation location: on the roof of the building, the tank can be installed anywhere (indoors or outside)

Volume: 150L-600L, can meet 5-8 people use, applicable for villa or individual housing (with bathtub)

Advantage: can withstand pressure, high absorption of solar heat, beautiful design, water temperature can reach 90-100 degrees.

Disadvantage: antifreeze measures need to be taken in very cold places.

Service life: more than 15 years



The balcony hanging system

Installation method: collector installed the balcony outside, suitable for medium and high-rise housing

Volume: 100 l - 150 l, meet water three to four people

Advantages: simple installation, do not take up space, the hot water under pressure, high water comfort

Life: more than 10 years