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Power Supply System



These are stand-alone systems installed for one family or one home. Once installed, they can be used immediately, they are very easy to install, use and maintain.






  •  30-40W DC power supply system       


The DC systems are mainly used for lighting, cellphone charging and powering small home appliances. Normally the power of the solar panels of the DC systems is between 3W and 60W different products with different models according to their electricity demands.










  • 60-130W DC power supply system



60W-130W (DC/AC)

Load , lighting , electric fan , mobile phone ,Tablet PC , TV , Notebook computer charging , radio and etc..



  • 200W-1000W (AC) AC power supply system



200-1000W (AC)

Load  ,  lighting  ,  fan  ,  tablet  computer  , TV  ,  notebook computer ,small refrigerator  etc..





  • 2000W-5000W (AC) AC power supply system


    2000-5000W (AC)

Load , lighting , fan , tablet computer ,  TV , notebook computer ,refrigerator , washing machine etc..