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Prefabricated house

The prefabricated house is a steel structure building with standardized design, industrialized production of the factory, on-site prefabricated construction and integrated decoration. Poly New Energy's prefabricated house system mainly includes: plate structure, light steel structure, cast-in-place structure and box structure.


Solar assembled house


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Product Description

The characteristics of the house
1. Fast-fast production speed, fast container transportation, fast assembly construction, fast capital turnover
2. Safety-earthquake resistance (seismic intensity above 8 degrees), termite prevention, fire prevention (up to A1 fire protection)
3. Comfortable-good thermal insulation effect (up to 10 degrees indoor and outdoor temperature difference), flexible space layout to increase the use of space
Energy+ Solar power supply, water supply, hot water supply, solar power supply system and house design, construction and completion at the same time
Application area Housing, hotels, construction sites, factories